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2006-07-27 - 1:58 p.m.

Some Animals are More Equal than Others

OK, the decisions in New York and Georgia hardly ruffled a [purely metaphoric] hair on my head, but yesterday's bullshit in Washington state has my blood boiling.

See additional commentary by Huntington, who got me looking up details on this turn of events.

What galls me much more than the decision itself (many court decisions, even if I don't agree with them, are at least well thought out) are the just plain ignorant comments made by governor Christine Gregoire, including those alluded to above by Huntington.

In addition, see this quote, which is basically more of the same old bullshit:

Gregoire said the state should provide the "same rights and responsibilities to all citizens." At the same time, she said, "the sacrament of marriage is between two people and their faith; it is not the business of the state."

To slightly paraphrase my comments to Huntington (again): What a fucking idiot. I can't believe such a dumb bitch is a state governor, much less of Washington. Someone needs to explain to this cow the difference between baptism and marriage. Perhaps as a good Catholic, she needs a little education about this.

In addition, I blasted off an email to the good governor:

Subject: Your ignorance regarding "legal" marriage

I am not your constituent, but you obviously do NOT know what you are talking about from a LEGAL and GOVERNMENTAL perspective when you say:

"State government provided us with certain rights and responsibilities, but the state did not marry us."
"the sacrament of marriage is between two people and their faith; it is not the business of the state."

Whether you are Catholic or not, THE STATE DID MARRY YOU and marriage IS THE BUSINESS OF THE STATE regardless of whether one has a church ceremony.
Unless you propose that ALL coupled citizens enter into something called a "civil union" or "domestic partnership" what is now called "legal marriage" is a STATE-CONFERRED STATUS.

The depth of your ignorance is astounding for an official of your level.

I'm sick of what amounts to a goddamn linguistic debate over the DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE. Are we arguing about a goddamn institution, or a goddamn word? Does anyone know the difference between a civil contract and a religious ceremony? Is using the same word, in fact, just a recipe for disaster?

At least Gregoire asserts (for now) that all citizens deserve the "same rights." I won't even touch the folks who deride "civil unions."

Right about now, I would actually love to just dump a pile of shit on the head of anyone who honestly believes that this issue has nothing to do with "separate but equal/unequal" politics as usual.

This country is a fucking social backwater, and I'm getting [getting??!] sick of it.

Whew! OK, that's enough of channeling some of my favorite "angry" bloggers for today....

Oh... and anyone who wants to drop a nice note to Gov. Mrs. Gregoire regarding her nice comments on the Blessed Sacrament of Marriage, can do so by clicking here: http://governor.wa.gov/contact/govemail.htm

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