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[ ku-sa-la: Pali term meaning wholesome, skillful, good, meritorious. ]
[ Action characterized by this quality (kusala-kamma) is bound to result (eventually) in happiness and a favorable outcome. ]


2006-07-10 - 11:33 a.m.

If I Were a Certain Type of Man

The "type" being "desperate and straight" instead of merely "desperate and gay."

Hmmm... maybe I could copy a page from this playbook and look for potential Spanish or Swedish huzzbands? Wheels are turning.... And they tell me I look "well enough." (no snarky comments)

From: Svetlana Tabor ghsdvc.gbnds.com
Sent: Saturday, January 07, 2006
Subject: Hello from russia..

Hello have a good day,

I am not sure where to begin,it is first time I try to use internet to meet the man but the thing is,that I will work abroad I can choice USA,Canada or Europe and I would like to meet the man to share free evenings and be my guide. My friends helped me to send a few letters to different address and I do hope that I am lucky to meet good and kind man.you should know that now I live in Russia and my goal is to leave this country because it is impossible to live here for young pretty woman.they tell I look well enough,I am blonde with blue eyes,I am natural blonde.I will send a few photos if you reply.
if you don't have wife nor girlfriend ,maybe we could try to meet?
I am free I have not children .and I have not boyfriend here.
I am 25 years old ,please write to me directly to my mail- Gulya@mailwithoutwords.com
See you soon ,with great hope

= = = = = = = = = = =
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